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AustraliaLocalStore.com is a online directory of local stores and businesses in Australia. AustraliaLocalStore.com has store and business listings, phone numbers, maps, email addresses & websites for local. We can help you connect with local stores and businesses near you. For this purpose contains the online directory actually about 1300.000 records and is daily updated to guarantee the users the most actual data. Listing your local business with AustraliaLocalStore.com provides a powerful and cost-effective way to propel your business. The access to the online directory will always remain free of charge.

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Province Postal abbreviation Land area Population Companies
New South Wales NSW 800,628 7,704,300 414576
Victoria VIC 227,010 6,039,100 321161
Queensland QLD 1,723,936 4,827,000 244415
Western Australia WA Edmonton 4,067,175 121239
South Australia SA 978,810 1,706,500 86945
Tasmania TAS 64,519 518,500 23883
Australian Capital Territory ACT 2,280 395,200 14542
Northern Territory NT 1,335,742 244,000 8694